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[JDrama] Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love ?

Posted: Sun 11 Feb 2018, 15:48
by Henk

Drama: Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love ?
Romaji: Ando Roido~A.I. knows LOVE ?~
Japanese: 安堂ロイド~A.I. knows LOVE ?~
Director: Takafumi Hatano, Hisashi Kimura, Toshio Tsuboi
Writer: Yumie Nishiogi, Yoko Izumisawa
Network: TBS
Episodes: 10
Release Date: October 13 - December 15, 2013
Runtime: Sundays 21:00-21:54
TV Ratings: 12.8% (weekly average)
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Reiji Matsushima (Takuya Kimura) is a genius physicist. He realizes that he and his fiancé Asahi Ando (Kou Shibasaki) will be killed a theory that he advanced.
One day, in the year 2013, Reiji dies in a airplane explosion & crash. He was a handsome and world-famous professor who studied wormhole theories. It is a mystery whether his research on wormhole theory caused his death or not.
His fiance Asahi is a capable career woman working at a large IT company. She is beautiful and smart, but she met Reiji and fell in love with him. Her days with Reiji were happy, but one day he dies and somebody tries to kill her. Asahi doesn't know why someone wants to end her life.
Lloyd, who looks exactly like her dead fiance Reiji, suddenly appears in front of her. Lloyd came from the year 2113. His mission is to protect Asahi from any risky situations. Without Asahi's knowledge, Lloyd fights to protect her. Lloyd doesn't know what "love" is and doesn't understand human anger or sadness.
At first, Asahi doesn't like Lloyd, but slowly her feelings change. Lloyd also begins to develop feelings for her.

Takuya Kimura as Andō Lloyd/Reiji Matsushima(dual role)
Kou Shibasaki as Asahi Andō, Reiji's fiancée
Yuko Oshima as Nanase Matsushima, Reiji's sister
Tsubasa Honda as Sapuri, a fixer android
Kenta Kiritani as Shinzō Hoshi, a computer expert work for Asahi
Sayaka Yamaguchi as Sakiko Komatsu, a woman work with Hoshi
Jessie as Tom Edogawa, Reiji's lab assistant
Mitsuki Yamamoto as Kaoru Kuriyama, Reiji's lab assistant
Dai Ikeda as Tomoharu Kurata, Reiji's lab assistant
Yōji Hino as Yoshiyuki Tomiya, a detective
Kenichi Endō as Isaku Ashimo, a detective
Mirei Kiritani as a mysterious beautiful girl
Yūta Hiraoka as Hajime Kadoshiro, a mysterious bureaucrat executive
Yūko Natori as Keiko Andō, Asahi's mother

Re: [JDrama] Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love ?

Posted: Sun 11 Feb 2018, 16:00
by Henk
Dit is het derde Jdrama dat ik kijk met Kou Shibasaki in een hoofdrol.
Vanwege haar natuurlijke acteren, dat haar een sterke uitstraling geeft.
Van heel lief snel naar heel boos of verward, het blijft echt.
Vaak ook met een komisch effect.
Spoiler: weergeven
Dat geldt ook voor de serie zelf.
Mensen of androids die kunnen schakelen tussen het heden en 100 jaar later, en volledig controle kunnen uitoefenen over alle technologie in het heden.
Spannend, maar ook hier komische effecten: De melk kookt bijna over op een heel spannend moment. “De melk carboniseert !” aldus een android.
Genoeg filosofische nadenkertjes ook !

Prettige serie, die ik nog wel een tweede keer zal kijken.

Re: [JDrama] Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love ?

Posted: Sat 17 Feb 2018, 20:45
by Fran
Zag via de promoter account een reactie binnenkomen over de drama. :)